Weekly Challenges

The Kosherdome’s weekly, individual challenges to keep us having fun.

Weekly Challenge Area
Challenge Board

Where to Find the Weekly Challenges

As you spawn into the Kosherdome, you’ll find yourself in the spawn home with some directions on reading a welcome book. From there, you’ll travel East out of the home to the challenge area. Here you will find the current and all past challenges.
Every week, the current week’s challenge will be available to read on the center lectern, but all previous weeks challenges will be stored to the left where you can go back and catch up. 
The spawn home.

This Week's Challenge (#1)

Armor of Faith

This week’s challenge will have you obtaining a full set of enchanted diamond armor and naming each piece of armor after a biblical virtue. Example: “Breastplate of Righteousness”

Once you have obtained and named your armor, you are to showcase your armor in the Discord chat and are to write a quick little Minecraft book explaining why one of the virtues you chose is important to have as a Christian.